Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 4 in Peru + 2 months before = 3 months down, 21 to go!!!

Hello all!

This week was a long one. But I have completed a month of the mission! Combine that with the time I had before and I have 3 months! Transfers are tonight but I will probably stay in Oquendo. I am still being trained and Elder Gutierrez has only been here for a transfer.

Anyways, this week was busy, so busy I forgot to buy food. Big mistake as a missionary. I was so hungry but our Bishop came in CLUTCH. Without knowing, he bought us HUGE chicken platters and heaven in a bottle, Inca Kola. 

We didnt have any baptisms this week but we are getting so close with one investigator. Her name is Luz and she literally is Luz(light). She has such a desire to learn, but she needs church attendance! If she comes to church, she can get baptized, with her 11 yr old daughter Adriana. Prayers for her to attend would be much appreciated! 

Other than that, it was a very average week. I studied Doctrine and Covenants a lot this week and really developed a testimony of Joseph Smith. He really was someone who gave everything to the Lord. I hope to do the same on my mission.

I love and miss you all. Keep praying and reading the scriptures daily. Listen to the counsel of the Spirit. Know that God knows and loves you personally.

--Elder Hunter Sivley

*** Notes from emails with mom:
1.  Every week I ask Hunter 5 questions... this was his answer to the question, "What was your best spiritual experience this week? :

I had a huge spiritual experience today. While waiting for a bus, we saw the bus we usally take which is run by Adonai. But it looked a tad too full today, just a little bit, barely enough to make us wait for another bus. Something told me not to take this bus, for what I thought at the time was because it was crowded. So we took a different bus that was close behind it. As we were driving, an accident had happened ahead. When we passed the scene, it was the Adonai bus. I feel very protected by Heavenly Father and I am glad we chose not to take Adonai. So grateful for small spiritual impressions.

This mama is grateful as well... for BIG spiritual impressions!

2.  Elder Sivley sends us a recording every week as well.  This week's recording was made while he was walking in the streets of Oquendo and boy was it loud!  In fact, he yelled at a bus (another bus story!) that got a little too close to them!  I absolutely cherish these voice recordings as it allows me to hear his voice and feel like I am "talking" to him, not just emailing.  Love hearing him laugh too... and speak in Spanish.  So fun!

3.  I have no idea about any details of the other 2 pictures attached to this post.  The first one in the dusty street I'm assuming is where he lives because he told us he lives on Los Angeles Street.  He didn't explain the other two so just make something up...  haha.  The last one with his zone by the helicopter was posted by another mom on facebook and my son was tagged in it.  Still good to see his face and his HUGE smile!!

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