Monday, June 26, 2017


Elder Sivley returned early from his mission on October 12, 2016. He served for 2 months and came home to make things right with the Lord and to prepare himself to serve a WORTHY mission. We are so proud of him for having the courage to do what was right and to apply the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ in his life.  To say he worked hard and persevered is an understatement.  He was home for almost 9 months and he made marvelous changes in his life.

This morning , we took him to the airport to fly BACK to Lima, Peru. BACK to his mission that he loved so much. BACK to the same security gate that he walked through last August when he left the first time. However, he wasn't the same person today as he was last year. He is a changed young man. Full of the spirit, humble, kind, happy, and at peace with himself. He has learned a great deal and has suffered long. He returns to do full time missionary work for the next 22 months. He has much to do and he is ready to do it. What an example to us all!!! We love you son! God Speed Elder Sivley!! Cannot wait to hear you've arrived safely and are already about the work of the Lord!!

 His setting apart last night by our awesome Stake President, President Stuart Alleman.  And our bishop, Bishop Nathan Grant, who was absolutely critical in Hunter's growth and progression... as well as our whole family!  He supported us through some very hard times!  Thank you to both of you!!!  We cannot express our gratitude enough.