Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 3!!

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

This week was AWESOME! BLANCO ES BONITO! I got my first baptism! It was a baptism for the Hermanas in our district, so not my investigator but my first baptism none the less!! I could feel the Spirit so strong and I had to hold back tears. I have worked so hard to get to that point where I'm helping someone get closer to God and the feeling was amazing. 

We had zone conferences this week and I loved it. I met so many missionaries and got to see some of my MTC group. My Zone is El Olivar and we are the best hahaha:)

 I had the opportunity to teach Sunday School this week in church and at first I was SUPER hesitant. I didn't know what I was going to teach these native Peruvian members about the gospel and especially in Spanish. But literally, the Lord put words in my mouth. The lesson went great and people actually came up to me and thanked me for my teaching. So that felt kind of awesome. 

The lesson to take away from that experience is: Trust in the Lord. Don't doubt yourself before you ask the Lord for help. I would invite everyone to read Proverbs Chapter 3. If you have any problem in your life. Trust in the Lord. If you need to repent and change something, Trust in the Lord. If you don't know what to do next, Trust in the Lord.

I leave you with those words until next week. I love and miss you all!!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 2 in Peru

Hello my friends and family! Wow this week was a rough one! Since we last talked I got the flu, lost a couple baptismal dates, and we had a 4.0 earthquake HAHAHA. But I am progressing! My Spanish is something I'm worrying about less and less each day and I can almost understand everybody!

So with the flu this week I was bed ridden for Wednesday which really made me feel lazy. I hate feeling like I could be doing something better but not being able to do it. I felt better on Thursday but then 4 of our baptismal dates decided they didnt want to be taught the Gospel anymore.
That was really discouraging but I'm starting to realize that having 12 baptismal
DATES is no where near the same as having 12 BAPTISMS.

But, the week didn't end terribly. Our district had a couple baptisms and they asked me to sing and play my ukulele for them. There were a couple non members there and they were in tears after I sang "O Lord My Redeemer." I heard that one of them decided to take the lessons from other Elders after that night so I loved that experience. The earthquake was small, not big enough to break anything or hurt anybody. But it shook our chairs pretty good and surprised us all. I was nervous there was gonna be a bigger one after wards but we were assured that that is EXTREMELY rare.

From my studies, I would encourage everyone to read the final chapter of John in the New Testament where Christ tells his apostles to "Feed My Sheep".  I invite you to take that challenge upon yourselves and see what you can do to Feed His Sheep this week.
I miss and love you all. Hope everything is going well for yall!

picture of the view from my apartment:
 from our apartment in the other direction

Notes from email to mom:
-- Elder Sivley said that he and the other American Elders in his district got together and sang the National Anthem as loud as they could on the 4th of July.  He said the native elders looked at them like they were crazy but it was funny and very patriotic!
-- Elder Sivley already had a "can't remember the word in English" moment when he was talking about transfers and could only say "cambios." He literally could not think of the word in English which is just crazy to me since he has spoken English for 19 years and is now so concentrated on learning the Spanish language that he is forgetting English words!  haha
-- He loves your emails and pictures and words of encouragement... thank you for loving our boy!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

I'M BACK!!! Week one ...


I am back in Lima, Peru and I am here to stay!!!! Wow it has been a crazy week. I got here and stayed in the office for 2 days, working as a temporary assistant you could say haha. I was able to see my president and he was so excited that I was back. He gave me the biggest hug and gave me my tie that I left with him. Someone told me later that he wore it every fast sunday. I love that man so much.  (so do we!!)

I contacted a little bit with the missionaries in the office and already have some ridiculous stories. Freaking a guy came up to us and told us he had killed 6 people but wanted to repent......yeah. 
I was chased by a Perro Peruano (dog of Peru) and they have zero hair except a freaking mohawk on top of their head. Hyenas really. Anyways, didn't get bit but that thing was pissed off. 
Later on Thursday, I finally got my first companion! His name is Elder Gutierrez and he is from La, Paz Bolivia. So that makes 2 Bolivian trainers I have had. Let me tell you, Bolivians are so great. He has the best attitude and such a passion for the work. 

We live in Oquendo, El Olivar, Callao, Lima, Peru. It is a town near the ocean so we have lots of seafood so this missionary is one happy guy. We have 12 scheduled baptismal dates, yes, TWELVE. We have had much success in the 3 days that I have worked here. 
I have retained SO MUCH more Spanish than I thought I did and I could not be happier. All in all, everything is fantastic here. I am so glad I was able to do this right. Im having the time of my life. Its hard but its such a privilege that I have worked so hard for. I love and miss you all!
 * a few added notes from his email to his mom:
-  He lives on Los Angeles Street! (since his dad and I are born and raised in LA and huge Dodger fans, we thought this was pretty cool!!)
-  I sent him with a "dog dazer" a high pitched alarm that he is SUPPOSED to carry with him to scare off wild mangy dogs... did he have it with him??? NOOOOO!
-  There is a family that lives a floor below them that are members of the church... this is the man who sent me the facebook message with a picture of him playing his ukelele.  They have kids that are 13, 11, and 5 and Elder Sivley says that the 5 year old is a latino Dayne.  :)
-  His hug with his mission president was super great and just what he needed-- President Stauffer was an amazing support to Hunter while he was home for 9 months.  <3
-  He is happier than he has ever been and feels so at peace.  That makes this mama so thankful!

Here's to many more weeks of "freaking" fantastic letters!  Can't wait until next Monday!

Monday, June 26, 2017


Elder Sivley returned early from his mission on October 12, 2016. He served for 2 months and came home to make things right with the Lord and to prepare himself to serve a WORTHY mission. We are so proud of him for having the courage to do what was right and to apply the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ in his life.  To say he worked hard and persevered is an understatement.  He was home for almost 9 months and he made marvelous changes in his life.

This morning , we took him to the airport to fly BACK to Lima, Peru. BACK to his mission that he loved so much. BACK to the same security gate that he walked through last August when he left the first time. However, he wasn't the same person today as he was last year. He is a changed young man. Full of the spirit, humble, kind, happy, and at peace with himself. He has learned a great deal and has suffered long. He returns to do full time missionary work for the next 22 months. He has much to do and he is ready to do it. What an example to us all!!! We love you son! God Speed Elder Sivley!! Cannot wait to hear you've arrived safely and are already about the work of the Lord!!

 His setting apart last night by our awesome Stake President, President Stuart Alleman.  And our bishop, Bishop Nathan Grant, who was absolutely critical in Hunter's growth and progression... as well as our whole family!  He supported us through some very hard times!  Thank you to both of you!!!  We cannot express our gratitude enough.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Communications from the Lima West Mission...

Well, he made it to the mission home and had a quick moment to write us a note on the mission letterhead.  It's short, but oh so sweet...

And they sent us a quick picture of Elder Sivley with his first companion, his trainer.  We've zoomed in on the picture and it looks as if his name is Elder Alanes.  But that's all we know so far!  We don't know what area he is serving in or anything else.  :)  Can't wait for more details next Monday, but the smile on his face says it all.  He is happy to be serving the Lord.  We couldn't be more proud.

Last week at the CCM.... YEEEAAAAHHHHHH!

Hola mis amigos y familia! This is the LAST email I will send at the
CCM. As of Tuesday Oct. 4, I will be in the field preaching the gospel
with a new companero!

Stories this week:
1. Soooooo I kind of broke my companeros ankle. We were playing
soccer and he was defending me. I went to kick the ball, he went to
kick the ball, our legs collided. Elder Sivley was blessed with tree
trunks for legs, Elder Thompson was not. So I now carry him up the
stairs to our 3rd floor bedroom every day because there is no
elevator. Good news is its not a complete break so he doesn't have to
go home! They said 3 weeks healing max so he will just have some fun
on crutches. I felt so bad, but luckily hes super nice so he isn't that
mad at me.

2.  We committed our hardest investigator to baptism! She was finally
able to accept that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, therefore
verifying the truth of the Book of Mormon. Glad to have had such a
tough one that brought up polygamy, the fact that she used to be a
prostitute and had 2 abortions, and smokes weed at 45 yrs old. *knocks
on wood* cant get worse than that.

3.*TEAR JERKER ALERT* My favorite latino elder is Elder Mazco. 
He is from Iquitos, Peru which is smack dab in the middle of the Amazon. Its
a tradition here for elders to trade ties with each other. Elder Mazco 
has this really cool one so I asked him to trade and he said that it
was the only tie he owned that his mom gave him. I asked him why he
only brought one and he said it was all he could afford. This really
struck me so I took a couple of my ties to give him for free to help
him out. I presented the ties to him the next day and he just broke
down crying and gave me the warmest Peruvian hug (they are all so
short so their foreheads just bury in your chest) and said "Gracias
Cap (Capitan America), Le amo (I love you) elder." This is where it
gets sad. He told me that when he was 14 his mom, dad, and 2 little
brothers were killed in a flood. From age 14-16 Elder Mazco was living
by himself until a ward member took him in and scraped up enough
money for him to serve a mission in Bolivia. This elder who literally
had NOTHING is willing to give EVERYTHING to God. Needless to say I
was balling my eyes out. He is an awesome elder.

I am so thankful for my mission for teaching me more about charity. I
have only been out for 5 weeks but I feel like I have changed so much.
I have a list that i self check myself every day, from Preach My
Gospel on pg 126. Its about Christlike attributes and i feel so happy
all the time when I follow it and work hard to attain these
attributes. I am excited to develop them more over the next 2 years
and for the rest of my life.

New thing: A quote, scripture, hymn or saying of the week at the end of every email!
***Week of 10/2: "Senor te necesito; si te necesito; bendiceme oh Cristo;
vendre a ti."  Translation: "I need Thee, oh I need Thee, Oh bless me now my Savior, I come to Thee."

My district here at the CCM.

My branch here at the CCM.

The next time I email will probably be next monday on my first Pday in
the field. So itll be a long week full of stories. Lima Oeste, here I

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week 4 CCM

I went proselyting this week for 3 hours and I got 4 CONTACTS. It was a very proud moment for me and the gift of tongues is real. I am
slowly but surely making my way to the field, my emails will be much
more interesting when Im out there haha. Other than that, classes,
classes, classes.Not too much to say this week but its cool. I love
and miss you all and I will talk to you soon!