Monday, January 8, 2018

Blanco es bonito, my birthday, y cerro gorilla

Hello my friends and family!

This week was FANTASTIC. To start, the Lopez family got baptized! I love this family. The Mom always told us from the beginning that she was in it HASTA EL FIN / TO THE END. I love her fire and her desire from day 1 to be baptized. She was a chosen one. We might have another 18 year old girl this week named Valeria so please pray for her!!!

My birthday was this week. Thank to all who sent me an email wishing me a great day. It was so awesome to be honest. Well it started off terrible because I had to go to Immigrations again and stood in line for 3 hours. But then i got back to my zone and it was district meeting. They all had prepared to sing Happy Birthday to me which was so sick. But the BEST part of my birthday was when I was walkin in the street with my companion and we got a phone call. It was FRAYYYYY BABYYYYY. He came to Pachacutec to visit me which was a COMPLETE SURPRISE to me. I love that dude, he is doing so well. He is a strong member of the ward and is going on visits with my old companion Elder Vidal and also teaching some gospel doctrine classes. MIRACLES PEOPLE.

Today, my companion and I hiked up Gorilla Hill and it was super hype. We took some sick pictures and I am going to send more!

Everyone should go and read Ronald A Rasbands talk from this past conference. There are NO COINCEDENCES. Only the plan of our Heavenly Father.

I love and miss you all!

13, 16, and 1,596

What is up yall???

This week was awesome but again I am really short on time. 

Anyways, these three numbers in the subject line have some important meaning to us. 

We found 13 new investigators this week, the most I have had in my entire mission.

We have 16 people with a baptismal date, ALSO the most I have ever had in my mission.

And last but DEFINITELY not least, Mission Peru Lima West baptized 1,596 people, souls, searchers for the truth and eternal life, in the year of 2017. Our goal was 1,500. So uh yeah we beat that, I am anxiuous to find out the goal of 2018. I am dedicated to 2,000!!!!

I just want to share a spirtual experience and thats all for me.  We were teaching a family about the Sabbath day, and this brother doesnt have a job right now. As i was teaching I felt the spiritual prompting to say these exact words. "Brother Ninaquispe, I feel in my heart right now that I should promise you, that If you come to church with your family this week, you will recieve a job. I promise that in the name of Jesus Christ." I felt the power and authority of my calling as a missionary in that moment. it was indescribable. 

I love and miss you all!

CHRISTMAS PICTURES from Elder Sivley...  He is easy to please!!  :)

Sand, New Investigators, and LOTS MORE SAND

HEY YALL I DONT KNOW WHAT IS Going on with this computer because all my emails have been super weird: but this week was really fun! we found twenty two new investigators and twenty six people with a baptismal date: 

other than THAT  we were able to go to the sAnd dunes today and play a little sand football; and then i got a haircut in this super cool barbershop:

i know; my emails are really failing lately; but blame these peruvians that spend all daY playing video games and mess up all the signal:) 

i love yall; have a great week!

hey got just a little dirty!  haha

 MPLO Stands for "Mision Peru Lima Oeste" (Peru Lima West Mission)

Friday, December 29, 2017


Hello friends and fam!

This week was alright but next week will be better because we have a family of 2 getting baptized!!! Prayers for the Lopez family! 

I broke my Fitbit. Fell down a giant hill and it got completely shattered. It was tragic and now I have to buy a new watch but its cool. The have cool looking fake ones here. 

Today I spent almost all day getting my visa confirmed and it took forever all the way up until my email time. SO that was kind of disappointing. I also have to go back on Wednesday to recieve my card.

We are really focuse in LIGHT THE WORLD here. But its ILUMINA EL MUNDO. What a great time of the year to serve others. I challenge you all to find someone in need this Christmas!

I didnt take any new pictures this week so here are some old funny ones I have never sent. I love and miss you all!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017



This week was super duper cool. We found 10 new investigators and 7 of them have baptismal dates for December! YOO HOO. ANd I also have some cool/funny stories my dudes.

First! The Himno of Peru. We were walking through a park and noticed a huge stage where they were having a concert. It was about to begin and this lady walks up to us and said "Would you 2 like to sing the Peruvian National Anthem on the stage with a group of other people?" "SeƱora we arent from Peru." "Thats okay, it will unite us as one community" "But we dont know the words." "Ill write them down for you!" "........yeah okay." So we sang the Peruvian National Anthem in front of like 500 people HAHAHA. 

"Somos libres, seamos lo, siempre seamos lo, siempre!
Ante niegues sus luces, sus luces, sus luces el sol!
Que faltemos el voto solemne.
Que la patria al eterno elevo.

I dont think I will ever forget those words now hahaha.

Second! El Cerro (the hill). We were walking near a giant hill near in our area and we noticed that there were more people that lived there than we thought. So we went up to contact them. The first person, shut us down hard. SO did the second, and the third, and the fourth.....up until we were about to hike down the mount. We walked past this TINY house that was a little isolated from the others. There was a man sitting outside crying. We walked up to him and his Mom who was working in her plants to talk to them. This man is super bad when it comes to his health. He has a catheter and bags attached to his stomach because of lots of surgeries. What he said was so cool. "I was laying in my bed, writhing in pain, when I felt a STRONG impression to use all my efforts to go and sit outside, because someone was going to come and help me." He told us that we were the answer to his prayers and he accepted the baptismal date instantly.
And Third! ALWAYS MAKE SURE to eat fish in a restaurant you can trust. I got me some food poisoning friday and threw up in our recent converts garden:) delicious. 

We find out transfers tonight and last time I was super nervous because I didnt want to leave Oquendo. This time I am more prepared. I feel like I have done a good job here. We baptized 3 great people in 3 months as a companionship. We helped start the Oquendo Ward, it used to be a family group, not even a branch. All we had to do was reactivate some less active members, it took work but we did it. I love these people, but I am also excited to meet new beautiful souls in Lima.

D&C 15! "The thing of most worth to you will be......". 


I love and miss yall! Have a great week!

p.s. no letter last week... he just didn't send a group email. But this week's email is fabulous!  enjoy.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Friends and family,

FRAYYYYYYY GOT BAPTIZED YOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO. It was such a special day. He passed his interview, got there on time, and was smiling the entire time. So was I. I was blessed that he chose me to baptize him. I could literally feel the Spirit so strongly in the baptismal font and I gave him the biggest hug after he came out of the water. I love this man so much. He shared his testimony after and explained how he was so grateful for us missionaries for showing him the truth and bringing blessing into his life. He said " I have done a lot of things in my life and passed through a ton of hardship, but today I am clean through Christ." Yeah i shed a few (bastante) tears.

I ate Ceviche! But of chicken, because we arent allowed to eat the fish version. It was SUPER good and I cant wait to eat the real thing at the end of my mission. 

I recieved a package from my family that literally was a suitcase full of goodies and gifts for my birthday and Christmas coming up soon. I am enjoying the peanut butter and beef jerky that all American men have the privilege of eating every day. Blessed are the creators of those 2 foods. It is going to take all my willpower not to rip open the packages that say "DOnt open till the 13th of December and 25th".
Fray was indeed baptized but the work indeed goes on. We have a family of 3 who are going to recieve their interview tonight, please pray for the Zarate family that all will go well and we might have three more blanco es bonitos this Saturday coming up. How cool would that be to send even more baptismal pics next week. NOVEMBER ROCKS.
For all my future missionaries and current full timers, read ALma 17. It is the theme of our mission right now. We suffer a lot of tribulation as missionaries, that we might find joy in the salvation of souls.

I love and miss you all! Have a great week! #PrayForZaraTAY

Elder Hunter Sivley
Peru, Lima West Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Monday, November 6, 2017

Halloween, Tree of Life, and Elder Disney

Hello all of my friends and family!

This week was quite ridculous. RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. We had 7 investigators come to church! One of them being.....FRAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY BABYYYYYYYYY. He has all of his attendances and is able to be baptized this saturday! He has his interview this Tuesday so I still ask for prayers that he passes and also to help keep Satan off his back. So we continue with #PrayForFray

So Halloween was super sick. Sick in the way that I celebrated with me myself and I because everybody thinks its of the Devil here and they dont celebrate it. BUT that didnt stop me from carving a pumpkin and buying myself a shameful amount of candy. If yall know me you know that I love holidays and holiday traditions.

My spiritual moment this week came as we taught a family the vision of the Tree of Life. I referred to Lehi as the father of this family and how he should want and feel responsible that every one of his kids partakes of the fruit. He told me he really loved the lesson and on sunday they taught about this in gospel principles. He answered almost every question about the vision and kept smiling over at me. I loved that.

So i know you are all probably wondering, why Elder Disney. Well lemme tell ya a funny story here. 
Someone was praying during a lesson and they said "We are thankful for the visit from Elder Vidal and

Pronouncing Sivley is a little hard for my Peruvian Patas.

Mathew 5 is my reading assignment for yall this week. Enjoy it, pray about it, apply it.

I love and miss you all! Have a great week!

Elder Hunter Sivley
Peru, Lima West Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints