Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 1 CCM

in Peru. Everyone here is so nice and loving. Except the Chileano
elders. They don´t like anyone and mess with everyone. One of them
told me he doesn´t speak spanish. Any way it has been
quite hectic and crazy. I play soccer everyday to let off the steam
and i have become pretty good among these latinos. Leadind scorer
among the Gringos. The food is awesome except for this sour corn drink
that made everyone gag. But the rice is ridiculously good here i dont
know what they put in it. Inca Kola is the bomb. I have 1 a day, when
I have self control. My spanish teachers are Hermano Quispitupac and
Hermana Rivera and I love them both. I think I have the best Spanish
in my district because they met with me and asked me to help teach my
fellow elders. Gunshots have been heard outside of the walls but it´s
cool. We call them fireworks even though they are in the middle of the
day so they are definitely not fireworks haha. My favorite Elders
include mainly Latinos from Peru, Brazil and One Spaniard. And then
there is a gringo named Elder Federico who is a 2 year convert before
his mission. My companions ( i have 2 because it´s uneven in our
district) are Elder Thompson and Elder Bunce. They are VERY different
from me, but I don´t mind. They are funny in their own way. But beside
that, everything is well and I love it here! Talk to you soon!

*Hunter wasn't able to upload pics this week-- hopefully next week! Dying to see my boy in pics! ❤️

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hola mi amigos y familia!  Today is our first real day at the CCM! I
only have about 15 minutes today to talk because we have ALOT to do
today. So I apologize to everyone that sent me a personal email that I
will not get to respond to today. I am very grateful for all the
supportive emails I have recieved. My P-Day in the CCM will be
The flight to Atlanta I was alone, but as soon as I stepped off the
plane, 38 missionaries were at my gate for Lima. I sat next to an
Elder Clark who is basically a Californian version of me. We gave a
Book of Mormon on the plane to the flight attendant! My first of many
haha. I have a bunch of pictures that I will send next week. Lima
looks like a poorer version of South-Central Los Angeles. Lots of palm
trees and dogs. Dogs. Every. Where. But so far I LOVE IT. The
extremely nice Peruvian lady is now subtly hinting to me to get off
the computer so I have to go. I love and miss you all! Talk to you
next Wednesday!