Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Hello all!

This week was so awesome! We had a baptism! BLANCO ES BONITO!!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!

Her name was Elizabeth Vara and she is 16 years old. Her family used to be active members but decided to leave the church. I found her a couple months ago with my other companion and we taught her a couple of times but she had dropped us and told us she didnt want to progress farther. 

HOWEVER! Literally after my email last week we got a call from her saying that one of her friends (a member) had told her what a blessing it was to be baptized and she wanted to be taught again. She already had everything she needed from the last time, she only needed baptism! SO we went to her house and taught her a couple more times and she was baptized Saturday! None of her family showed up and the baptismal service was a mess(refer below) but her testimony was so sweet after and I felt the spirit so strong with her.
But let me tell you about this baptism---
So this baptism was CRAZYYYY. I had to baptize her 3 times because her body wasnt all the way under the water. The first time she kneed me in my manhood so I was crying internally, the second time her hand slapped me in the face on the way down, but the THIRD time oh my gosh you all are going to die. I tried to do it fast so her body wouldnt come up and i FREAKING DISLOCATED MY SHOULDER!!!!!! I held in what could have been a huge scream and left the font with my other arm supporting the dislocated one. But of course, OF COURSE she wanted a picture after so you can see MY RIGHT ARM resting on my leg because I couldnt lift it. Elder Vidal knew how to put it back in because he had "seen a youtube video" so in the bathroom after he pulled and turned and did whatever painful horrible thing he had to do but he put it back! We will never forget that experience and especially because it was my first baptism hahaha!

All in all it was a great week. My lesson to leave today is about befriending those who are investigating the church. The friend of this girl was a huge part of her wanting to be baptized. Help your local missionaries by offering to go on visits with them and offering to help with making their investigators feel comfortable. Because it is a brand new world for them!

I love and miss you all! Have a great week!

BONUS TREAT: a recording of Hunter singing "I am a Child of God" in English and Spanish on the uke.

Monday, August 21, 2017


Buenas tardes mis amigos y mi familia.

How is everyone? This week was a pretty good one. It started with a MIRACLE.  We were walking in the street when we hear "ELDER". We looked at eachother and were like "DId you just hear Elder?". All of the sudden a door flys open from a house behind us and a 25 or so year old man comes running up to us and says, "I need to talk to you, I want you to visit my family and we are not going to rest until we are members of your church." We looked at eachother with huge smiles and said "UH YEAH OKAY". They are a family that isnt married but we talked with the secretary of marriage and got all the information for a wedding on September 22. We presented the idea to them and they responded without hesitation, "Yes we will do it." We also invited them to be baptized the day after, the 23 of September, and again almost instantly, "Yes of course we will be baptized." They are so humble and so willing to learn, they keep their commitments in reading and asisting church. I love them, and I am excited to help them reach these goals. How cool is that? That was the highlight of my week easily.

We also had a feast from Cusco Peru called Pachamanca (google it) and it was the best pork I have had in my life. I love Peruvian food so much. I am trying to learn recipes that I can take home with me.
Elder Vidal is continuing to become a brother to me. I love this guy so much and we work so well together. I took a picture of our white board (my baby) that we have in our room and some of the writings on there should describe our relationship pretty well. Oquendo is doing great and we are very confident to have some baptisms pretty soon.

This week I studied about charity. Moroni 7 talks about the importance of charity and I asked myself, what am I doing to achieve this charity? Read this chapter and ask yourself the same thing! How can you have charity for others?

I miss and love you all! Have a great week!

Funny story from his personal letter to the family:

For Pday we played this game where there were two groups of like 6 missionaries and you had to bring a fruit. Any fruit you like. I brought a pineapple. BIG MISTAKE. We had to eat it, ALL OF IT, without using our hands. I have pictures that I am trying to send but it was pretty crazy. IT was a race of who could do it the fastest and other people had like apples and bananas and I had a pineapple. But it was like a relay, when one person finished another started. So they had me go last and in the end of the entire game it was between me and an Elder who brought a cantalope. I WON. I ATE THAT PINEAPPLE SO FAST. SO fast that my lips were bleeding a little after because of the spikes. But my team was so hyped because of me it was awesome. Everyone thought we were going to lose because of my pineapple. :)

Mom's note: personally I'm shocked it wasn't a mango.  He LOVES mango!  Especially in Peru!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Semana 7... THIS is the work of the Lord

Hello my friends and family!

Nothing huge happened this week so today is a little shorter than most. We had a tough week finding new people to teach and setting very firm lesson dates. So we did a lot of searching and walking. One day I kid you not I walked 17 miles. My legs were crying and I live on the 4th floor of a very unstable looking building (so If we have a really bad earthquake yeah I am dead) so the walk up was LO PEOR (the worst).

We had a broadcast this past Sunday from the area authorities, Elder Carlos Godoy and Elder Juan Uceda of the Seventy. They both talked about reasons NOT to serve a mission (girlfriend,school,job,family) and how they are actually reasons TO serve a mission. So my email today more than anything is to those on my list contemplating serving a mission.

If you feel like you are leaving behind so much to serve, think about how much a mission will bless those things in your life. Especially the family. Your family will be watched over and protected, and more importantly, you will change the lives of every family to teach in your mission. Which will start a chain reaction, families to future missionaries to more families. THIS is the reason to serve a mission, THIS is the work of the Lord.

D&C 4 .....Read it, pray about it, apply it to your life.

I love and miss you all!

Soccer with the missionaries
 Elders Sivley and Vidal with a member in Peru...

Monday, August 7, 2017

Semana 6!

Buenas tardes mi familia y mis amigos.