Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week 3 CCM

Hola mi familia!
This week was pretty average here at the CCM. However, I am now an
Avansado! I am an example to all the new elders coming into the CCM,
I'm gonna try to help out these prinicipiantes (new missionaries) as much as I can and
build their confidence. Because that first week is ROUGH. Lots of
doubting and stressing and questioning yourself. But once you hit that
first Sunday, it's all good. Amazing how satan tries to get you even in
the MTC.

My favorite thing this week was Sunday. I had the greatest sabbath day
en mi vida (in my life). It was all about Joseph Smith and The Restoration. I sang
a song in sacrament meeting in front of the whole CCM with Hermana
Ford, a sister going to Cusco for her mission. Best part: she wrote
the song herself. Its fantastic, all about our purpose as
missionaries. Im going to send my mom a picture of the lyrics to send
y'all because it really hit me and gave me a pat on the back as to why
I'm here. Glad she asked me to participate in the song with her as she
played piano. Our MTC president and his wife thanked us after.

And then, after sacrament meeting we did a timeline of the Restoration and we
are so blessed by those events, I know they are true. To end off the
day we watched "Joseph Smith Prophet of The Restoration." If you havent
seen this before WATCH IT. Best representation of Joseph I've ever
seen, and the relationship he has with Hyrum and Emma really touched
me.  (Click on title above)

In our district meeting that night we went outside and sang the "Star
Spangled Banner" around the American flag in the courtyard. In honor of
9/11. Super patriotic and special.

The Latino Elders we all came to know and love left yesterday and we
already miss them. My favorites were Elder Mambo from Spain, Elder
Ticeran from Peru, Elder Rodriguez from Uruguay, Elder Hurtado from
Bolivia, and Elder Momani and Hermana Viviani from Brazil. Sadly, no
pictures because you can only use cameras on P-Day and Latinos had a
different Pday than gringos so I never really saw them. Tomorrow we get
new Latinos though. We love los Latinos! Except Chileans, Chileans are
punks. haha

Thats all this week! I go proselyting outside of the CCM on Saturday! Wish me luck! Adios!

This is my typical breakfast... good food!
I bought these ties... they're pretty cool. $5 each!!!  Love them.

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