Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week 2 CCM

Hola mi amigos y familia!
A lot has happened this week. I went to the Lima Peru temple which is
literally just like the Dallas Temple except everything is in Spanish.
I loved it though and I bought a cool little Himnos (Hymn) book with a
Peruvian knit cover.

We finished our lesson with our first MTC
investigator and helped him reach baptism. Now we have a new one and
she is TOUGH. So much fury and attitude in such a small lady. Also
they announced that next friday we are leaving the walls to proselyte.
That means I have about 1.5 weeks to get pretty good at teaching the
restoration in Spanish. Our teachers talk super slow so these rapid
espaƱol words are gonna be killer.

I went to interpol to finalize the visa process and I think everything went great.
So unless I hear otherwise, I get to stay in Peru! After Sunday, I will no longer be a
pricipiante (beginner) amd will be an avanzado (advanced) missionary.
All that really means is I´ve completed 3 weeks at the CCM.
Here are a few hilarious things this week:
-Hermano Quispitupac ripped his pants during our lesson and screamed
in a high pitch Latino voice, "AYE MIS PANTALONES".
-2 elders from Bolivia and Peru think I look like Captain America and
everytime their entire district sees me all I hear is "CAPITAN AMEDICA" sooooo funny.
-Herman Rivera (my favorite teacher because she is so funny and I can
understand her spanish super well. I love talking to her because it
makes me comfortable with how much I know, and we talk about complex
stuff too not just basic vocabulary). anyways she says sloths are
called "oso perezoso" or "lazy bear" HAHA.
The food is great, my diet consists of chicken, rice, granadia, Inca
Kola, and Princessa bars (my new favorite candy)
Completed my goal to only speak spanish for the week besides Sunday so
super proud of myself.

I miss and love you all! Talk to you next Wednesday!
My mom should be posting pics because my signal is too bad to send you all some.
My companions, Elder Thompson on the left and Elder Bunce on the right
 The courtyard at the CCM-- it didn't rain, this is dew from the morning.  It rarely rains here.
 Mi Distrito (my district)
 Me and Elder Federico-- he is a convert of 2 years before coming on his mission... STUD.
 Inca Kola-- Nectar of the Gods.
 El Templo de Lima... a lot like Dallas but everything is in Spanish!
 Safety Circles... HAHAHAHA the safety circles. is case of an earthquake, these circles
are deemed the "safest" places to be. Right like if a building falls
on the circle we gonna live.
 The nicest and best place in the CCM
Our group of missionaries travelling to Lima from Atlanta
 Gave away my first BofM on the plane! (sorry for the sideways pic-- I'll edit it later!)

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