Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hola mi amigos y familia!  Today is our first real day at the CCM! I
only have about 15 minutes today to talk because we have ALOT to do
today. So I apologize to everyone that sent me a personal email that I
will not get to respond to today. I am very grateful for all the
supportive emails I have recieved. My P-Day in the CCM will be
The flight to Atlanta I was alone, but as soon as I stepped off the
plane, 38 missionaries were at my gate for Lima. I sat next to an
Elder Clark who is basically a Californian version of me. We gave a
Book of Mormon on the plane to the flight attendant! My first of many
haha. I have a bunch of pictures that I will send next week. Lima
looks like a poorer version of South-Central Los Angeles. Lots of palm
trees and dogs. Dogs. Every. Where. But so far I LOVE IT. The
extremely nice Peruvian lady is now subtly hinting to me to get off
the computer so I have to go. I love and miss you all! Talk to you
next Wednesday!

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